Any school is only as good as its teachers. The JRCC West Thornhill prides itself in carefully selecting teachers who are as excited about teaching as our children are about learning. Our staff is known for their broad knowledge of Judaism, dedication and warmth towards the children, and experience in teaching.

Each teacher lives and breathes what he or she teaches, providing the best possible model for our students. Staff members have extensive Hebrew language skills, and have attended teachers' seminaries. Through their education they have learned the strategies to successfully share Judaism with children of all levels of knowledge and ability.

In addition to the Judaic studies that they teach, they understand the developmental issues applicable to the age level of their students.


The teachers and volunteers will be updated with al the necessary health guidelines, to ensure a safe and secure environment.


Our 2020-2021 devoted teachers are:

Morah Chavi
Morah Suri
Rabbi Jacobson
Morah Chana Baila

Stay tuned for the final list:) 

Weekly 2020- 2021 Volunteers

stay tuned for the final list