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Shavuot Schedule 2019 / 5779
This year Shavuot begins on Shabbat, May 19, so we go right into the Holiday from Shabbat without any breaks.

Friday– June 7

8:39 pm: Candle lighting
Light a 48 hr yartzeit candle before candle lighting time
Usual prayers for Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday – June 8

10:00 am: Shacharit followed by a kiddush
After 9:52 pm: Candle lighting, Light only from a pre-existing flame
1:00 am- 4:00 amL All night studying

Sunday – June 9 - First Day of Shavuot

10:00 am: Shacharis, Morning Service 
11:00 am: Reading of Ten Commandments  
4:00 pm: Ten Commandments for teens 
4:00 pm: Ten commandments for families  
8:20 pm: Mincha, afternoon service
After 9:53 pm: Holiday Candle Lighting time
* Light only from a pre-existing flame  

Monday – June 10-  Second Day of Shavuot

10:00am: Shacharis, morning service 
11:00 am: Torah Reading 
12:00 pm: Yizkor services  
8:20 pm: Mincha followed by Yom Tov closing ceremony
9:53 pm: Yom Tov ends