Yom Kippur
Tuesday, October 8th

6:28 pm Candle lighting in honor of Yom Kippur and Fast Begins

At this time also light a yahrtzeit candle to keep burning in your home over Yom Kippur.

7:15pm Introduction to Kol Nidrei - the opening prayr of Yom Kippur 


Wednesday, October 9th

9:00 am Morning Prayer
10:30 am-1:30 pm Children's Program
12:00 pm Torah Reading

12:30 Sermon and Yizkor Service

5:30 pm Mincha
5:30-6:45 childrens afternoon program
6:50 pm Final Prayer "Neila"
7:27 pm Shofar blast and Fast is over after hearing Havdala

Main Mitzvah of the day is to fast
For more information please call 416-222-7105 x 240 or email us at jacobson@jrcc.org